The Israeli aid delegation’s efforts in Mexico have not gone unnoticed by the residents of Mexico City. The Israeli teams have been working at two rescue sites in Mexico’s capital. Locals who saw the Israeli delegation members on the street Friday began to enthusiastically clap their hands and thank them.

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The Israeli delegation that flew to Mexico a few days ago in order to lend a hand in the rescue efforts in the aftermath of the deadly earthquake has been recognized for its hard work. The Israelis received enthusiastic and spontaneous rounds of applause on the street Friday. Some Mexicans even shouted: “Bravo!”

The delegation is made up of about 70 IDF soldiers and officers, most of whom are reservists, from the military’s Home Front Command and Israeli Air Force. The delegation includes engineering experts, who are not only helping the local authorities estimate the damage caused by the earthquake but also partaking in the rescue operations.

IDF officer in Mexico

IDF officer in Mexico Photo Credit: Israeli Foreign Affairs MInistry/Channel 2 News

The Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry said that the delegation from Israel was the fourth foreign team to reach Mexico after the earthquake struck. Central American states Honduras, El Salvador and Panama were the three countries that arrived before Israel.

The Israelis have joined the rescue efforts at a school and a building in Mexico City. The Israeli delegation is working at two of the 38 rescue sites in the city. Meanwhile, the death toll from the earthquake has surpassed 270. Half of those killed by the earthquake were in the country’s capital. Aside from the Israeli delegation, many countries have sent aid teams and funds in order to help Mexico during this difficult time.