The Mount Hermon Ski Resort has recently been testing for new solutions to maintain snow levels at Israel’s only winter sports site. The resort purchased a new snowmaking cannon that may the problem.

Watch: Snowmaking cannon in action

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The beloved Mount Hermon is Israel’s only ski resort, but the short Middle Eastern winter and rapidly increasing temperatures significantly tamper with the number of occasions visitors can enjoy its snowy rewards. However, a new solution may solve all future ski-lover problems: A snowmaking cannon.

Snowmaking is the process of producing snow by forcing water and freezing pressurized air through a cannon. The technology is regularly used by ski resorts around the world and is now making its debut in Israel. According to the Mount Hermon Ski Resort, the current low humidity levels at the site enable the generation of snow, despite temperatures above the freezing point.

In the best-case scenario, the new snowmaking cannon will be able to general a volume of 2-3 cubic meters of snow. The ski resort is currently only testing the new technology but is hopeful about finding solutions for making and maintaining enough snow for visitors.

Snowmaking cannon in Israel

Snowmaking cannon in Israel Photo Credit: Mount Hermon Ski Resort