A security tape from a bicycle store exposes the store owner harshly attacking an elderly customer regarding a financial dispute. The video shows the owner hitting the 82-year-old senior citizen who falls to the ground as a result. Afterwards, the owner violently dragged him out of the store onto the street. An indictment against the store owner was filed today for aggravated assault.

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This Wednesday, an 82-year-old Ramat Gan resident was attacked in an electric bicycle store within the city following a financial dispute with the store owner. The security footage reveals how the store owner and his assistant beat the elderly man until he fell to the ground. Afterwards, they violently dragged him out of the store property.

The video shows the senior citizen attempting to enter the store after he was prevented from doing so. When the store owner noticed this, he rushed to the entrance and smacked the elderly man knocking him to the floor.

When the elderly man, who uses a cane, fell refusing to leave the store as he was in pain from getting beaten, the store owner and his assistant decided to forcefully remove the senior citizen from the store. The two pushed and dragged the elderly man out of the store and into the street while he was down. The Ramat Gan Police brought the owners in for interrogation. Today, an indictment against the owners is expected to be filed in court for aggravated assault.