Last night, during the riots in East Jerusalem, a Palestinian attempted to light a building on fire in a mixed neighborhood within Israel’s capital city. An alert neighbor and fire fighters’ quick response prevented damage and injuries.

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In the midst of the clashes yesterday (Wednesday) that occurred in several East Jerusalem neighborhoods and villages, a masked Palestinian assailant was recorded as he entered the yard of an Israeli home and lit a fire in the city’s southeastern mixed neighborhood of Abu Tor. The flames were quickly put out and nobody was injured. A fire investigation immediately began.

The masked assailant gathered the yard furniture, lit them on fire, and fled the scene. Luckily, one of the neighbors called for help and fire fighters quickly arrived. They were able to control the fire before it reached the building.

This is not the first time that Palestinians have attempted to harass the neighborhood’s Jewish residents. During the escalating violence over the past few days, there were several confrontations and harassments, alongside efforts to damage property in the Peace Forest area, which is near the Abu Tor neighborhood.