The digging of the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area light rail’s red line continues. Today, a huge digging machine named Margaret will connect with Golda, which has already dug 250 meters at a height of 30 meters.

Inside the light rail tunnels

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A little bit less than a month after the underground digging began in Tel Aviv, the enormous TBM machine named Golda after late Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir, has already dug more than 250 meters under the surface. Take a look at the large tunnels that are being dug more than 30 meters underneath Tel Aviv’s busy streets.

Establishing the light rail in the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area is progressing as planned and today (Monday), the second digging machine called Margaret after former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher began working. A third digging machine will arrive in Tel Aviv in May, but a name has not been chosen yet.

A look inside the light rail tunnel

A look inside the light rail tunnel Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

The construction being conducted in order to build the light rail’s red line began a year and a half ago, while the digging work only began in January. According to the plans, the 12-kilometer red line will run through parts of Bnei Brak, Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv and Bat Yam. A total of eight TBM machines are supposed to aid in building the red line, which is expected to be finished in 2021.