The Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection has commissioned a report examining the pollution on Israel’s beaches. The report suggests that only 39% of Israel’s beaches are considered to be clean or very clean compared to 60% of the beaches, which are polluted.

Since the beginning of the spring, there has been a 4% increase in the number of polluted beaches. 34% of the beaches are considered to be on a medium level of pollution. The polluted and very polluted beaches constitute 26% of Israel’s beaches.

The pollution level was measured every week by inspectors of the National Unite for Maritime Environmental Protection of the Environmental Protection Ministry. The test included most of Israel’s coastline. The ministry noted that the regional councils were responsible for keeping the beaches clean.

Six areas were defined very clean by the inspectors: Tel Aviv’s Cliff Beach, Nahal Sorek Estuary, Palmachim National Park, Tel Aviv’s Tel Baruch Beach, Palmachim’s military firing range and Nitzanim Beach.

At the bottom of the chart are seven “very polluted” beaches, most of which are in Eilat. Mifratz Hashemesh Beach, the Electric Corporation Beach, the Southern Reserve Beach and Dag Suf Beach in Eilat are polluted. Holot Palmachim has become very polluted over the past month.

Two additional beaches that it’s best to stay away from at this stage according to the findings are Shavei Tzion and Ma’agan Michael.