Israeli PM Netanyahu praised the friendship between the two countries and called to expand it even further.

Watch: Netanyahu and Cartes speak at dedication ceremony
Photo and video credit: Omer Miron, GPO

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The embassy of Paraguay in Israel was officially moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on Monday. The South American country is now the third to have moved its embassy there, following the United States and Guatemala.

In his speech at the dedication ceremony, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked Paraguayan President Horacio Cartes, who was present, and mentioned Paraguay’s assistance to Jews during World War II. “Paraguay helped Jews escape Nazi Germany,” Netanyahu said. “We will never forget this. It was an act of benevolence and mercy that is forever etched in our hearts.”

“We have a great cooperation and it’s going to get greater,” he added. “It’s time to do a lot more. … You have not only the support of our government, but the profound gratitude of the people of Israel.”

“This act has a profound significance in that it expresses the sincere friendship and full solidarity of Paraguay with Israel,” Cartes said, voicing his “admiration for this noble and brave nation which was founded on values and principles that we both share.”