Hundreds of passengers on El Al flight ELY008 who were stranded for 14 hours at a freezing Canadian Army finally boarded a replacement plane back to Israel. Watch the footage below.

El Al flight stranded in Canada

El Al flight stranded in Canada Photo Credit: David Glaswien/Facebook screenshot

After it was forced to make an emergency landing in the Canadian Army base in frozen Goose Bay, Newfoundland, stranded passengers on El Al flight ELY008 have finally taken off from the Canadian airfield on a replacement plane to Israel after 14 hours on the ground. There were reportedly several minor delays before the replacement’s takeoff, as the plane needed to be de-iced.

The flight’s passengers had to walk across the tarmac in subzero weather after being unauthorized to wait inside the base’s airport. After the landing, El Al said in a statement that it is “working to fix the problem and to take care of the passengers.”

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