A police officer was documented pointing a gun at a crowd of Haredi protesters in Jerusalem who were demonstrating against the arrest of military-draft avoiders. The officer was summoned for a disciplinary hearing.

Watch: Police officers threatens Haredi protesters  

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On Monday evening, dozens of Haredi protested the arrest of two Yeshiva students who refused to turn up at the military recruiting office. During the demonstration, a police officer was documented threatening the crowd while waving his firearm and asking if anyone wants to be shot. Protesters blocked ongoing traffic at a Jerusalem intersection and eight were arrested for disorderly conduct.

The Israel Police responded to the footage: “The Jerusalem District police force is treating this incident with severity. The police officer was already summoned for an inquiry by his superiors yesterday; the event will be taken care of on a disciplinary level.”

Clashes during Haredi protest last month

Clashes during Haredi protest last month Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel Flash90/Channel 2 News

Just last month, footage of police violence against Haredi protesters sparked outrage in Israel after two people were injured during a protest. Israel Police Commissioner Roni Alsheikh said at the time that “he felt very bad” when he watched the footage and stated that he has discussed the matter with senior officials of the Jerusalem District Police.

Police officer pointing a gun at protesters

Police officer pointing a gun at protesters Photo Credit: Meha’at Ha’Haredim/Channel 2 News