The second South China Tiger cub born at the Hangzhou Safari Park in east China has made its public debut, 40 days after being rejected by its mother days after birth. Rarer than the Giant Panda, this Chinese tiger is one of only 132 left on Earth, all of which are in captivity.

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A 40-day-old South China Tiger cub made its public debut at Hangzhou Safari Park in east China’s Zhejiang Province on Friday, the park’s second cub of its kind to be bred in the park since 2015. The South China Tiger is even rarer than China’s Giant Pandas, being extinct in the wild and with only 132 left in captivity.

Unfortunately, the cub’s mother rejected it days after birth, forcing breeders to attempt to mimic the mother’s care to the best of their ability. “We imitate the feeling like its mother’s raising it, for example the mother licking it with her tongue. We use hands to imitate that, to help the cub digest,” said a breeder.