Two white giraffes were spotted in Kenya near a reserve. The footage of the giraffes was uploaded to the Hirola Conservation Program’s YouTube page in August but the video went viral only this week, amazing viewers worldwide.

The white giraffes

The white giraffes Photo Credit: The Hirola Conservation Program/YouTube

A rare and stunning sight was captured on camera a few months ago in Kenya. Two white giraffes, a female and her calf, were spotted near the Ishaqbini Hirola Conservation in Garrisa.

The video was uploaded in August to YouTube by the Hirola Conservation Program even though the footage was taken in June. However, the video went viral only this week with over 466,000 views.

White giraffe sightings are rare but according to the Hirola Conservation Program, they are becoming more frequent and common. Only two other sightings have been recorded. In January 2016, a white giraffe was spotted in Tarangire National park, Tanzania. In March 2016, a second sighting was recorded in Kenya.

Watch: The two white giraffes spotted in Kenya

It is widely believed that the white giraffes suffer from leucism, a genetic condition that prevents the normal skin pigmentation in animals.