This year, 3,300 people died in the Mediterranean Sea making this year the most devastating the sea has ever seen. Nobody can truly understand what occurs during their journey to find a safe haven.

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Thousands of migrants and refugees make their journey to European shores with no life vests on a boat filled much over its normal capacity. A majority of them are from different countries in Africa, but there are also those from Middle Eastern countries as well. Some are fleeing war-torn countries, while most are fleeing poverty.

Nobody can truly understand what transpires in the Mediterranean Sea without witnessing the refugees seeking land firsthand. They are packed together like sardines on a rubber boat praying that someone will save them.

Their journey begins about 700 km off Italy’s southern shore in Libya’s territorial waters, which has been nicknamed the “world’s largest graveyard at sea.” This year alone, 3,300 people died in that area making it the Mediterranean Sea’s deadliest year.