Jordanian Member of Parliament Khalil Atiyah  interrupted official proceedings to stand and salute the Omar Abu Laila, the Palestinian Arab terrorist who on Sunday morning had murdered a young Israeli soldier and a Jewish father of twelve.

As Atiyah stood and saluted, he said:

“I bless the Palestinian people, the residents of Jerusalem and the women who guard the Al Aqsa Mosque in dear Palestine [sic]. And I stand to salute the Palestinian hero Omar Abu Laila who carried out the attack in [Ariel], where he killed Jews yesterday. I salute you, hero, and may Allah bless you.”

Israeli security forces have located and killed Omar Abu Laila.

Abu Laila was found in the Abwein village near Ramallah after a two-day search. According to the security agency Shin Bet, the terrorist was neutralized after he shot at the security forces surrounding his location.