A photographer from Reuters’ news agency succeeded to document the critical moments after the shoot-out last night in Hebron. The video clip shows Sergeant Gal Kobi lying on the ground as his friends run towards him to evacuate him from the scene.

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Frightening documentation: A photographer from the Reuters news agency photographed the last seconds in the life of Sergeant Gal Kobi.  The news agency distributed the video clip moments after the shoot-out in Hebron that resulted in the death of Sergeant Kobi.

In the published segment, Sergeant Kobi appears lying on the floor, seconds after being shot in the neck by a Palestinian sniper that fled from the place.   Kobi’s friends ran to give him medical assistance.   Within a short period of time, when one of them understood the severity of the soldier’s situation, his immediate evacuation from the area was requested.   

The friends of Sergeant Kobi were in the area evacuating him

The friends of Sergeant Kobi were in the area evacuating him Photo Credit: Reuters

Later, Kobi’s friends are seen carrying him on a stretcher to an Israeli military jeep, after stabilizing his condition.  Afterwards, Sergeant Kobi was evacuated to Shaare Tzedek Hospital in Jerusalem, but he died there.

Shortly after the shooting, the Israeli Army launched a comprehensive manhunt for the local sniper that managed to escape.  So far, the shooter has not yet been caught and a closure was imposed on the entire city of Hebron.  In the framework of searches conducted in the city, Israeli security forces succeeded to uncover a number of sources where weapons were stored.  Two Palestinian shotguns were revealed and two Palestinians were arrested, among others.  

Sergeant Gal Kobi

Sergeant Gal Kobi Photo Credit: Facebook

Curfew imposed on Hebron

Following the shoot-out that occurred in Hebron, Chief of General Staff Benny Gantz assessed the situation with the Officer of the Central Command, Maj. General Nitzan Alon.  A short time after the incident, a curfew was imposed on Hebron and Israeli military forces implemented comprehensive searches combined with intelligence efforts to locate the terrorist or terrorists responsible for the shooting.

IDF Spokesman, Brigadier-General Yoav Poli Mordechai, explained this morning that searches focused on the neighborhood next to Kiryat Arba, the Jewish Quarter of Hebron.  “This is the Jabel Johar neighborhood—where the searches were implemented and intelligence efforts were carried out with the goal of detaining the shooter or shooters,” Mordechai said.

Chief of General Staff Benny Gatz assesses the situation

Chief of General Staff Benny Gatz assesses the situation Photo Credit: IDF Spokespersons Office

The IDF Spokesman clarified that despite military activities in Hebron, no disturbances were registered last night in the city.   “In recent years, there has been quiet due to the work done by the security forces.  We aren’t deluding ourselves and continued effort is needed to keep the peace.  Despite this shooting incident, our holiday events continue as planned.   We did an appraisal regarding the spoken specific events, including the Tomer Hazan incident and the one that happened last night.  We don’t see a change in the trend.  We continued with great intensity and haven’t become lazy with our efforts to ensure the security of the residents of the State of Israel,” Mordechai explained.

Brigadier-General Mordechai also addressed the kidnapping and murder of Israeli soldier Tomer Hazan of blessed memory last week and said that the Israeli army actively works to prevent similar events from happening in the future.  The IDF Spokesman noted that “efforts are implemented to prevent the outflow of infiltrators, where the fence is not completed or where there are loopholes through which illegals can enter Israeli territory.”