Naama Issachar – a 26 year old young woman full of life, love, and joy – was sentenced to 7.5 years in a Russian high security prison after being arrested during a layover in a Moscow airport

She was on her way home from a trip to India where she was studying Yoga, when authorities found a few grams of pot in her checked suitcase.

Recent such cases in Russia have resulted in small fines, but not in Naama’s case. She has been taken hostage on trumped up charges of smuggling – both farcical and illogical – and in turn has become a geopolitical pawn: Russia wants to exchange her for an international master criminal hacker, accused of stealing millions of dollars from Americans, and who is set to be extradited to The United States.

Here is what Naama’s sister, Liad Goldberg is telling the world.