In a small town in New Zealand, hundreds of tiny penguins need to cross a road in order to reach their beloved beach, so the local authorities built a special crossing under the road for them.

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A small town in New Zealand recently built a special crossing under a road in order to enable penguins to cross the busy street safely. The little blue penguins prefer to live in the sea rather than on land where they face dangers such as cars, dogs and curious humans.

Hundreds of these tiny penguins, who can reach up to thirty centimeters tall and weigh up to one kilogram, live in a special compound near the town. In order to enable tourists to see the penguins, the locals placed special lightings there. The compound is near the road and the car lights scared the penguins who longed for the sea.

Marine biologist Philippa Agnew thought of the idea to build the penguins a safe crossing using an underpass. The idea was supported by the town’s council, so the local authorities began working on the underpass. Three weeks later, the penguins started crossing the road safely