In a video released by Russian news agencies, the considerable damage that was caused to a Syrian airbase by the U.S. missile strike late last night is seen. It was reported that nine Syrian aircraft were destroyed in the attack.

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Russian news agencies released the first images this morning (Friday) from the Shayrat airbase in Homs, which was attacked by the U.S. Army following the deadly chemical attack in Idlib earlier this week. In the footage, the base appears to be deserted. According to the Russian reports, nine Syrian aircraft were destroyed.

Earlier, JOL News reported that U.S. aircraft carried out a missile strike Thursday night in Syria, targeting the air base from which Tuesday’s deadly chemical attack in Idlib was launched. Six Syrian soldiers were killed. Following the attack, Russia said that the U.S. military action is an “obstacle in the war on terror.”

During and after the attack

During and after the attack Photo Credit: Syrian news agencies/Channel 2 News

U.S. President Donald Trump directly authorized the missile strike. 59 Tomahawk missiles were fired from two U.S. warships in the eastern Mediterranean. A U.S. official said that several countries were notified ahead of the attack, including Russia. The Pentagon released a statement in which it clarified that the U.S. took precautions to not harm Russian forces in Syria. Another U.S. official stated that this operation was a one-time attack and that America has no intention of making the situation in the country worse.