As the firefighters continue their efforts to put out and recover from the fires that broke out in the village of Halmish in Binyamin, drone footage revealed the damage: Destroyed roofs and burnt furniture in about 40 homes. This is how it looks from up top.

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Firefighters continued today to fight the last dwindling flames in the Halmish area. Drone footage shows the widespread damage to over 40 homes that were destroyed.

The drone footage reveals the burnt remnants of the homes. Firefighters can still be seen putting out any last remaining embers to prevent blazes from re-igniting.

After a long night, forces gained control of the fire that broke out in the village forcing its residents to evacuate. The police arrested two suspects for arson, yet after questioning, they were released. So far, 15 houses have been destroyed and another 25 were damaged by the fire.

View from above

View from above Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Four people, two of whom are firefighters, were injured in the fire and transported to receive medical care. At sunrise yesterday, firefighting planes were dispatched to the area to assist the ground forces’ efforts to put out the flames. West Bank Police District Commander Moshe Barakat, who conducted a risk assessment with the other emergency organizations in the field, thanked the firefighters and said, “Fortunately, there were no casualties thanks to the actions of our forces.”

Yesterday, Asaf Avers, the West Bank Fire Department Spokesperson, described the difficult sights he witnessed. “The situation was tough,” he said. “Houses were in flames, collapsing in a domino effect; cars, gardens, everything. In the daylight, you can see what happened. My heart is with the residents.”