The PA celebrated the brutal murder of 19yr old Ori Ansbacher – her family said she was “a holy soul” who cared for each person and living creature- with the re-broadcast of a song written by Jordanian singer Rami Shafiq which glorified terrorist acts against Israelis.

The song identified “Zionists” as the “enemy” and praised stone throwers while referring to many Israeli cities as part of the Palestinian enterprise.

“We have given them a taste of grief – a bone in the throat of the Zionists” according to the singer who pointed to a young child who he sang would be a “future terrorist and prisoner”.

The Palestinian Arabs are “a bone in the throat of the Zionists” according to Shafiq who, furthermore, promised Israel ten times more terror attacks than it had seen since the founding of the Jewish state.

Ori Ansbacher, 19, was taking a stroll in a wooded area just a few hundred yards from Jerusalem’s Biblical Zoo when she was set upon by 29-year-old Arafat Irfayia, a Palestinian from Hebron.

Ansbacher was raped and repeatedly stabbed in her upper torso after taking a walk in a forest near Ein Yael a nature reserve just outside southern Jerusalem.

The terrorist, 29-year-old Arafat Irfayia from Hebron, was arrested within 24 hours after the murder and almost immediately confessed the gruesome murder which shocked the Israeli nation and caused outrage across the political spectrum.

It is also clear that the act of violence, if not the choice of victim, was premeditated. After being arrested in an IDF raid on the Palestinian Authority’s de facto capital of Ramallah, Irfayia admitted to Israeli authorities to having set off from Hebron armed with a knife and intent on killing a Jew.