Thousands of Israelis enjoyed yesterday’s sunny weather by visiting Israel’s various nature sites. Over 4,000 Israelis visited the Agamon Hula site in order to watch birds migrate through the area.

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The sunny and pleasant weather yesterday (Saturday) prompted thousands of Israelis to visit the country’s various nature reserves. About 4,000 Israelis visited the Mount Hermon ski resort when the temperatures at the lower site were about 7 degrees C (44.6 degrees F).

More than 4,000 Israelis flocked to the Agamon Hula site in order to watch thousands of birds migrate over the area. About 10,000 cranes left Agamon Hula yesterday morning in order to migrate to their nesting area. In the coming weeks, pelicans, storks, birds of prey and many other types of birds will pass through the area.

Agamon Hula

Agamon Hula Photo Credit: Inbar Ruvean/Channel 2 News