During the past week, thousands of people throughout the country marched and participated in moving ceremonies and educational events marking the National Day of Recognition of Israel’s wounded veterans and victims of terror attacks, which is officially commemorated on November 25th.

Around the world, thousands of kids chose to show their love and support by writing thank you postcards to Tzahal wounded veterans – turning this wonderful initiative into a truly world-wide effort.

The great solidarity showed by the public gives us the strength to continue this important mission, whose sole objective is to express our gratitude, embrace and render tribute to Zahal disabled veterans for their sacrifice for keeping us and the land of Israel safe.

The Israeli government declared by Law the National Day of Recognition of Israel’s Wounded Veterans and Victims of Terror Attacks, in honor of those who paid the heavy price in defense of the State of Israel and its citizens.

This special day gives us the opportunity to connect with the wounded veterans and learn about the difficult events and injuries they suffered, their personal story of bravery, and about their daily struggles with the physical and emotional wounds. Above all, the encounter with the wounded heroes is a vivid reminder that we are here thanks to them. 

Shirel, a 9th grader from Herzliya, movingly said: “This day was enormously important for me; it helped me realize that enjoying a safe life should not be taken for granted. It taught me that many people had to experience very difficult moments so that we can feel protected and live safely.”

Haim Bar, ZDVO Chairman, affirmed: “This event is a great source of pride for the State of Israel. We are here to show our appreciation and pay tribute to those who fought to defend our country and protect our people, highlighting the values of brotherhood, camaraderie and mutual help. Today, we are here to give them what they deserve – our gratitude and respect.”

Please sign this page to support Israel’s wounded veterans and victims of terror attacks http://bit.ly/2Kv1uz1