Brock and Bowdy Shoff, two-year-old twins from Utah, were playing in their room and started to climb the drawers of a dresser. The heavy dresser fell on them, trapping Brock under it. Bowdy quickly and calmly began working in order to set his brother free.

A two-year-old toddler from Utah saved his twin brother who was trapped under a heavy dresser that fell on its side in their room. While remaining calm, the two-year-old moved the dresser until his brother was free from under it. A security camera that was installed in the young boys’ room captured the entire incident on camera.

Brock Shoff and his brother Bowdy were playing in their room and started to climb on the drawers of the dresser. The dresser couldn’t withstand their weight and fell on them. Bowdy was just centimeters away from being trapped under the fallen dresser but Brock was not so lucky. Bowdy immediately knew that he needed to help his brother and tried to move the dresser in order to save his brother. After a few moments, he was able to move it enough so that his brother could escape.  

It was a miracle that this incident did not end with any injuries. The boys’ parents are stressing the importance of making sure children are safe. This is why they decided to release the video as a warning to parents about the safety dangers within a house. No adult was watching the boys when they were playing and the dresser that fell on them was not connected to the wall. This incident could have easily ended in a different way.