In his farewell speech at Joint Base Andrews, now former President Donald Trump praised the successes of the US economy, which he called a “rocket ship up”, which was achieved under his administration, and argued that even the global coronavirus pandemic could not entirely change that.

Trump expressed hope that the  Biden-Harris administration will not raise taxes. He repeatedly cautioned American voters during his election campaign that the Democrats would ramp up taxation in order to pay for all the initiatives they are planning to roll out. Trump hailed his efforts in rebuilding the US military and hailed the creation of its new branch, the Space Force, as a major achievement of his administration.

The former president went on to thank his supporters, vowing to “be back in some form”, without going into details. He also wished the next administration “great luck and great success”, adding that it has a “foundation” to achieve the latter.

Trump chose to skip the inauguration ceremony of his successor, instead, he traveled to the military base in Maryland, where he gave his farewell speech before departing to Florida on board Air Force One.