Yamam Unit soldiers disguised as relatives of a woman in labor entered a Hebron hospital and arrested the terrorist who implemented the stabbing attack in Gush Etzion two weeks ago, in which an Israeli man was seriously injured.

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A suspect in the stabbing attack in Gush Etzion that occurred two weeks ago was arrested on Wednesday in a complicated operation conducted by an IDF undercover counter-terrorism unit in Hebron. According to Palestinian reports, the unit impersonated a family leading a woman to the delivery room in order to catch the wanted suspect, a young man from the Hebron area, in the Alhali Hospital in the city. The Shin Bet stated that during his arrest, the suspect’s cousin was shot and injured after attacking the IDF force. He was reportedly killed after resisting arrest.

In a video taken at the hospital, the Yamam Unit soldiers are seen disguised as Arabs. In the beginning of the video, the suspect’s cousin is seen walking around with an IDF weapon in the hospital hallways, before the force arrives. The suspect’s relatives feared he would be abducted by the Israeli security forces and therefore they secured the hospital. The soldiers are then seen with their weapons drawn. They take the suspect out of his room in a wheelchair.

Hamas reported that the soldiers impersonated a family walking a woman into the delivery room and that they walked straight into the suspect’s room in the surgical division, where they confronted the suspect’s cousin.