Revealed recently for the first time at a robot show in Beijing, the BIKI is the world’s first bionic wireless robot fish drone that allows users to explore underwater without any diving gear or wet suit. The self-swimming drone is equipped with advanced cameras and can be controlled via an application or remote.

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BIKI, the world’s first bionic wireless robot fish, is a small underwater drone that looks and moves like a fish in the water. The robot is equipped with a 4K camera and can dive down to a depth of 60 meters.

Unlike other deep-sea cameras, BIKI can dive and swim on its own, with automated balance and obstacle avoidance. It is not connected to any cables or wires nor does it need to be guided through the water.  The drone’s advanced camera lenses provide an image from up to 150 meters in depths.

First launched at a robot show in Beijing, BIKI can dive for 90 minutes on one battery charge and can be controlled remotely with either an application or a special remote control. If at some point the connection between the operator and the robot malfunctions, the drone is equipped with GPS which will enable it to automatically return to its departure point. In addition, a pre-determined path for BIKI to follow can be set beforehand, in hope no shark or other carnivorous underwater creature will swallow this underwater fish-like drone.