As part of the large-scale American-Israeli military drill underway in Israel, U.S. soldiers practiced Krav Maga alongside their Israeli counterparts. In a video uploaded by the IDF Spokesperson, the soldiers from both armies are seen training.

U.S. soldiers learn Krav Maga

U.S. soldiers learn Krav Maga Photo Credit: Twitter screenshot/IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

Juniper Cobra 2018 continued Tuesday as thousands Israeli and U.S. soldiers trained together to improve the coordination between the IDF and U.S. Army. As part of the Israeli-American military drill, soldiers from the United States European Command (EUCOM) participated in a Krav Maga training sessions alongside Israeli soldiers.

Watch: US soldiers learn Israeli Krav Maga 

The Juniper Cobra exercise occurs once every two years and allows the IDF and its American ally to develop military coordination and learn from each other. The exercise is set to end on March 15. The drill focuses on urban warfare, ballistic missile defense and aerial cooperation.

Earlier this week, IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot met with EUCOM commander General Curtis M. Scaparrotti. During their meeting, Scaparrotti said: “The U.S. is deeply committed to the defense of Israel. We will continue to work alongside the IDF to promote stability throughout the region, not only for the purposes of this exercise, but in the event of any real-world contingency.”