Iranian media published footage of the US Navy sailors, who were detained and then released, on their knees. The US Navy sailors were documented with their hands on their head, away from their guns, while the Iranian authorities searched their vessels. US Vice President Biden said today that the Iranians assisted the American troops but this new footage tells a different story.

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The Iranian Revolutionary Guard released today (Wednesday), after a few hours of detainment, the US Navy sailors who accidentally infiltrated Iranian territorial waters. Earlier today, Iran announced that the US Navy sailors will be released and soon after that, the US confirmed this report. American politicians praised the Iranians speedy release and cooperation. However, footage of the US Navy sailors’ detainment have just been published that show the US Navy sailors in unflattering positions.

In the footage, the US Navy sailors are seen on their knees, with their hands on their heads. According to Iranian reports, the footage is from the US Navy sailors’ detainment, while the Revolutionary Guard officers inspected their ships.

During their detainment

During their detainment Photo Credit: Twitter/Channel 2 News

The soldiers’ weapons are arranged in a line, far away from their owners’ reach. Before releasing the US Navy personnel, Iran demanded an apology from the Americans. However, US Secretary of State John Kerry thanked the Iranians for cooperating and it is unclear if he actually apologized.

“When you have a problem with a ship, do you apologize that there is a problem with the ship,” US Vice President Joe Biden stated. “And there was no demand for any apology.” According to Biden, “the Iranians that examined the ship helped them reach the beach as we helped Iranian ships in similar cases. They saw that they were in distress and said that they would release them.”