Footage of police violence against Haredi protesters in Jerusalem sparked outrage, causing the Police Internal Investigations Department to open an investigation. Israel Police Commissioner: “I felt very bad when I saw the videos yesterday.”

Watch: Violent clashes between police and Haredi anti-draft protesters

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A Haredi protest against the arrest of IDF draft-dodgers in Jerusalem turned violent yesterday. The footage of police officers using force sparked outrage and today (Monday), Israel Police Commissioner Roni Alsheikh addressed the incident. “I felt very bad when I saw the videos yesterday,” said Alsheikh, clarifying that the matter is under investigation. Meanwhile, the Police Internal Investigations Department announced the decision to open an investigation

“It should be understood that there is no law enforcement that looks nice,” explained the commissioner. “There was violence from the Haredim, but in the videos, I saw there were incidents where it appears that the exertion of force by police officers was unwarranted.”

Alsheikh stated that all of the footage was given to the Police Internal Investigations Department and if the investigations prove it necessary, the officers will be put on trial. The commissioner also said that he is discussing the matter with senior officials of the Jerusalem District Police. Two people were injured during the protest, sustaining between light to moderate injuries, and eight people were arrested.

Clashes during Haredi protest

Clashes during Haredi protest Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel Flash90/Channel 2 News