A poster outside of a home in Arad sparked outrage among the ultra-Orthodox residents of the city Saturday night. In response, the Hasidic Gur sect members gathered outside the home and started to throw burning tires toward the residence. Secular residents arrived at the scene and violent clashes broke out.

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The ongoing dispute between the secular and ultra-Orthodox residents of Arad regarding the city’s character deteriorated into violent clashes Saturday night. A poster that a secular resident put up outside the window of her house sparked anger among the Hasidic Gur sect members. In response, they gathered outside of her home. Some even set fire to tires and threw them at her home. Four ultra-Orthodox residents were arrested by police officers.  

The clashes took place after secular residents arrived at the scene. Police forces separated the sides. “We seriously view the throwing of burning tires by the Haredi residents of the city and consider it a crossing of the line,” the Israel Police said in a statement.  

Clashes in Arad

Clashes in Arad Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Hannah, a resident of the southern Israel city, told Channel 2 News: “The Haredi Jews threw burning tires toward a yard because a resident of the building hung a sign with a picture of their rabbi. The entire city was supposed to hang up posters like this one and now they won’t.”

The dispute between the secular and ultra-Orthodox residents has been going on for the past two years. The secular residents claim that the Hasidic Gur sect members are trying to take over entire neighborhoods in the city and make them more religious.