During an election rally held by the extreme right-wing candidate in Paris, a young woman rushed onto the stage shoving flowers into Marine Le Pen’s face. Security forces present during the event quickly removed the woman from the stage. Meanwhile, dozens protested against the National Front Party outside of the rally and were met with tear gas.

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In less than a week, the first round of the French presidential election will begin and it seems that spirits have been bursting at the past few and crucial campaign rallies. During a rally held by extreme right-wing candidate Marine Le Pen yesterday (Monday) in Paris, a young woman burst onto the stage and shoved a flower bouquet in the candidate’s face. A few seconds later, security forces present at the event removed her from the stage.

Outside of the rally, dozens of people protested against Le Pen’s National Front Party leading to violence. Protesters were met with tear gas for throwing blocks of wood towards security forces. According to a Reuters report, a topless woman shouted protest slogans against Le Pen during the demonstration.

Young woman bursts onto stage in the middle of a demonstration

Young woman bursts onto stage in the middle of a demonstration Photo Credit: Twitter/Channel 2 News