Israelis now that the PA and not just Hamas continue to view violence against Israelis as a legitimate means to achieve their objectives.

But the international community, and especially the mainstream international press, has inexplicably taken the Palestinian leadership at its word, or at least at its word in English.

Because in Arabic, the Palestinian leadership continues to admit freely that it practices and will continue to practice violence against Israel.

The above video features a report on Gaza’s Alkofiya TV that aired on January 1 of this year. The armed group shown conducting military exercises simulating an attack on an Israeli army base and the abduction of Israeli soldiers is not Hamas. It is the Fatah movement headed by “moderate” Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas.

The PA representative in the video, a masked man identified as Abu Muhammad, confirms that Fatah, and therefore the Palestinian Authority, remains committed to its founding principle of seeking the “annihilation of the so-called ‘Israel.'”

Contributed by Israel Today