During a surprise inspection that was carried out today on an IDF base, pretend burglars infiltrated the area and were able to remove a number of weapons. As a result of the incident, the base officials’ conduct will be inspected.

Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Today (Friday) during a surprise inspection executed at the IDF’s 35th Reconnaissance Battalion base, four pretend burglars successfully infiltrated the area and stole a large number of weapons. As a result of this incident, the base officials’ conduct will soon be inspected.

One of the pretend burglars ran through the base’s main gate, another one rode through on a bicycle, while two others entered in a vehicle. The four were able to remove all of the weapons without the soldiers noticing. Every once and a while, IDF bases conduct surprise inspections of this sort in order to find security breaches and improve on them.

“Today, an internal inspection was carried out at the Beit Lid Base in order to examine the base’s security procedures and its weapons and armament security,” the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said in a statement. “As with all inspections, the results will be investigated in order to improve the current security and to derive necessary lessons from it.”