After recent arguments regarding Israelis living abroad and the infamous Milkie chocolate pudding scandal in which Israelis living in Berlin priced the delicacy at 1/3 the Israeli price

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Don’t we really have to compare salaries and see how that affects our standard of living? One Israeli claimed that it is easier to get by in San Francisco even though San Francisco is known as a very expensive city.

Channel 2 news reporters checked the salaries of several Israelis living abroad and actually discovered that these statistics were not very encouraging. Ido Porat, who works as a teacher in Berlin and is married with one child, makes 2,500 Euros per month, pays 850 Euros in rent and an additional 150 Euros on food. 

Guy Kopak works in high tech in Frankfurt. He earns 2,500 Euros per month, spends 600 Euros on rent and an additional 400 Euros for food.  Avi Mital who lives in New York, earns $4,000 per month, spends $2,200 for rent, and an additional $350 in food expenses. Alex Hodosh is a student in Vienna. He earns between 1,300 – 1,800 Euros per month, pays 550- 850 Euros in rent and spends 150 Euros on food.  In order to understand the essence of the financial problems of Israelis, you only have to compare salaries.  In the US, the average salary is $6,069, in Germany it is $5,014, in Spain which is known to be in the middle of a financial crisis, it is $3,434 and in Israel . . . drum roll please, . . . $2,500!! As one expert in economics explains, “The average salary in Israel is at least 25% less than most European countries.

So if you take into consideration that Israelis both make less and spend more on most necessary expenses, their standard of living is relatively very low.” No wonder it’s so hard for us here.