The tensions in the West Bank continued on Wednesday as riots erupted in several areas. Israeli security forces have arrested several violent protesters and according to the Palestinians, three people were injured.

Clashes in the West Bank

Clashes in the West Bank Photo Credit: Sky News/Channel 2 News

Clashes between Israeli security forces and Palestinians erupted Wednesday in several West Bank areas. According to Palestinian media outlets, three people were injured during riots in the Yitzhar junction and Qalqilya areas.

IDF forces were also dispatched to the Palestinian city of Al-Bireh near Ramallah, where Palestinian protesters were lighting tires on fire and blocking the main road. Several protesters were arrested near Ramallah. In addition, violent clashes were reported in the Palestinian city of Huwara.

The Israeli forces were also called to the Halhul bridge after several Palestinians started to throw giant stones. No injuries among the Israeli forces have been reported.

On Monday, JOL reported that shots were fired at an IDF post near Ramallah. No damage or injuries were reported.