The terrorist from Friday’s terror attack has been identified as Ala Qabha, 26, of the village of Barta’a. Qabha is known to security forces and was recently released from prison.

MDA treating IDF solider

MDA treating IDF solider Photo Credit: Roy Alima/Flash90

On Friday, the terrorist responsible for the murder of an IDF soldier and an officer was identified as Ala Qabha, 26, from the village of Barta’a in the Jenin area in the West Bank. Qabha also wounded two other IDF soldiers.

Qabha is known to the Israeli security forces and was released a year ago from prison. He is currently in custody. He was apprehended as he tried to flee the scene. Qabha was slightly injured as a result of the attack and treated at Hadera’s Hillel Yaffe Hospital.

The two injured soldiers were taken to a hospital in Petah Tikvah. One of the wounded’s condition has worsened.

Hamas welcomed the attack, stating, “The attack in Jenin comes 100 days after Trump’s decision and makes it clear that our people’s intifada for Jerusalem is continuing.” Hamas further stated, “The protest against the decision and against the occupation is not a wave of anger, but an ongoing matter until full freedom is achieved for our people.”