WhatsApp’s over a billion users will finally be able to delete text messages, voice messages, pictures and videos sent to individuals and groups within seven minutes once users update the smartphone messaging application.


Whatsapp Photo Credit: 123RF/Channel 2 News

Finally, WhatsApp, the messaging application used globally by over a billion users, will allow messages sent to a private individual or group to be deleted immediately after. The new feature will also allow users to delete voice messages, pictures, videos, contacts and more.

The option to delete sent messages within seven minutes will be available to anyone who has the most up-to-date version of the application for Android, IOS and Windows smartphone systems. Only if users on both ends of the conversation have the updated application, will the feature be available.  

This feature will work as follows: After a sender sends a message and chooses to delete it, the user on the receiving end is not notified in anyway, nor is the message stored in the relative message log. However, Android users will receive an alert that a deleted message had been sent, while IOS users will not. Either way, WhatsApp’s data systems will know that a message had been sent as well as its content, even if chosen to be deleted.