Many WhatsApp users around the world are experiencing a malfunction and cannot connect to the popular application. It is still unclear what is the source of the problem.

Photo credit: 123RF/ Channel 2 News

Today (Thursday), many WhatsApp users reported a malfunction that isn’t allowing them to send or receive messages. The users are experiencing problems connecting to the network and are unable to connect to the application.

Reports of the malfunction have been received in the US, UK, Israel, Europe and Asia. WhatsApp has over 1.2 billion users worldwide and the application acts as a central mean of communication in many countries. The application was bought by Facebook in 2014 for a sum of 19 billion dollars.

As reported yesterday by JOL, many of the app’s users received messages stating that they won free flight tickets. However, the messages were a scam attempting to steal the users’ private information.