The popular conversation app will release its newest version within the next few days. Among the new features included in it will be a button that will allow users to delete sent messages that have not yet been read by the recipient.


Illustration Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The beta version of the popular app will come with a new feature: the ability to delete a message that has already been sent. The newest version of WhatsApp, which will be released within the next few days, will allow almost a billion users who regret sending a certain message to someone to do something about it.

This feature has already been implemented in WhatsApp’s competitors such as Telegram and Skype. Even Gmail allows users to recall emails that have already been sent.

A Twitter user under the name WABetaInfo was the first to report this upcoming improvement in the latest version of the app. According to the estimates, the “revoke” button will delete the messages only if they have not been read yet by the recipient. In addition, the button will also delete videos and pictures.