The White House contradicted reports saying US Vice President Mike Pence has postponed his trip to Israel and Egypt indefinitely and clarified that the visit will take place as planned.

Mike Pence

Mike Pence Photo Credit: EPA-EFE/Michael Reynolds

The White House clarified on Monday that US Vice President Mike Pence is still scheduled to visit the region as planned. The announcement came after reports that an Israeli Foreign Affair’s Ministry official told the AP that Pence will not be visiting Israel in January and has postponed the visit indefinitely.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry clarified that it did not say the vice president will not be visiting but only that he is not included in the provision of scheduled visits of high-level dignitaries in January. The visit was originally set for December but was rescheduled due to tax legislation in the US.

Pence’s visit comes amid tensions surrounding US President Donald Trump recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, a move that was widely criticized around the world. In the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem, Palestinians held “days of rage” protests to demonstrate their opposition to Trump’s declaration.