According to ratings published by The Marker magazine In Israel, there are currently 116 billionaires living in Israel today, with an accumulated net worth of 168 billion dollars. Some are well-known figures on a global scale while others are virtually unknown.


Illustration Photo Credit: Wrangel, 2 News

In recent years, there has been a noticeable increase in the accumulation of both capital and assets held by the top-earning Israelis. Israeli millionaires are becoming multi-millionaires, and they, in turn, are becoming billionaires. According to this list, there are 116 billionaires who live in Israel today, with an accumulated net worth of 168 billion dollars.

The list maps out the range of assets owned by Israeli citizens in the country and abroad and provides a peek into Israel’s most powerful who’s who and their worth. Heading the list is Patrick Drahi, the so-called “secret billionaire” who heads a global telecommunication empire. Drahi’s current net worth is approximately 14 billion dollars.

The second spot on the list is held by the Wertheimer family, with assets reaching just under 9 billion dollars. The third place is held by Ms. Shari Arison, with a net worth of 5.2 billion dollars, followed by Arnon Milchan, the American-Israeli producer with a staggering 5.1 billion dollars. Milchan is currently under investigation for allegedly providing illegal gifts to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife.

Danna Azrieli, who inherited from her father a chain of shopping malls, is placed fifth on the list. She is currently worth approximately 4.5 billion dollars. The list also includes Gil Shwed, who holds controlling shares in the Israeli startup Checkpoint and is currently worth 4.2 billion dollars, as well as Mr. Yitzhak Tshuva, who has 4 billion dollars.