Deputy IDF Chief of Staff Yair Golan has come out and said that the reason why Israel does not invade Gaza and take out Hamas is Israel is afraid.

“They’re afraid to fight. Afraid of casualties. It wouldn’t mean 500 dead. We give the enemy too much credit. Fighting in Gaza doesn’t come without a cost – fighting in an urban setting is fighting on the ground. The assumption is that if we go into Gaza, we’ll be bogged down there for years, is wrong,” Golan said in an interview with Israel Hayom.

Golan was also asked about his experiences during the 2005 disengagement from Gaza that gave the Palestinians full control of the Gaza Strip and if he would have done it any differently. He said that he never thought it would end up being this bad, but does admit that it was the right decision.

“I think that the disengagement from Gaza was very bad in the way we implemented it. But do I miss accompanying convoys carrying bombs to Gush Katif? Does anyone miss chasing rock-throwers at the Al-Shati refugee camp? In Jabalia? In the first five years of the Second Intifada, 147 Israelis were killed in Gaza. Since 2005, 121 Israelis have been killed there, including all the soldiers who died in all military operations,” he said.

Yair Golan is strongly considering running in this year’s new election scheduled to take place on September 17th.