As one of the oldest nations on earth, the Jewish people have a rich and vibrant history dating back to the times of Avraham in the Jewish Bible. It was the Jewish people who established the principle of monotheism and who taught the Ten Commandments to the entire universe.  The Jews of antiquity taught thou shall not kill at a time when other ancient peoples were burying their daughters alive, sacrificing their children to the gods and letting wild animals kill off people in stadiums for sport.

This Jewish commitment to morality and education has existed throughout the ages.  The Jews of medieval Spain were writing philosophy and contributing towards modern medicine at a time when Europe was burning witches at the stake merely for practicing herbal medicine. As ISIS commits genocide against minority groups and destroys ancient artifacts, the Jewish people innovate and create.  They invented a vaccine for cholera and SMS messaging among many other things. Jewish people across the world are proud of this history.   But how can Jewish people best express their attachments to their ancient faith?  For many Jews, it is to wear a Star of David necklace around ones neck.

Today, the Star of David is the most common symbol for expressing ones Jewish identity.  It is displayed proudly on the Israeli flag, on ambulances in the Jewish state, on menorahs, kippot and tallitot. In 1897, it was adopted as the official symbol of the Zionist movement. The Star of David is supposed to represent the shape of King David’s shield.  According to the Jewish belief system, the shield of King David symbolizes that the mighty do not win by their own might but by the will of G-d.

The Star of David symbolizes G-d’s rule over the universe in six different directions: North, South, East, West, Up and Down. In the Kabbalah, the Star of David represents the dichotomy between good and evil, the spiritual world and the physical world, and G-d and the Jewish people.  The Zohar teaches that the Jewish people connect to G-d through the study and observance of the Torah; the Star of David symbolizes this connection between G-d and the Jewish nation. The triangle pointing up symbolizes ones good deeds and the triangle pointing down demonstrates how ones good deeds flow down back to earth. Additionally, just as there are 12 tribes of Israel, the Star of David has 12 sides.

By wearing a Star of David, a Jewish person can emphasize his or her connection to the Jewish nation, G-d and the Torah. A Jew can express pride in the Jewish nations’ ancient history that dates back till antiquity. By wearing a Star of David around ones neck, a Jew can stress that he or she is part of an accomplished nation that invents, innovates, writes philosophy and thus serves as a true light onto the nations.