The widows of two Israeli men who were murdered in two separate terror attacks over the past month met on Tuesday. Yael Shevach, who lost her husband, Raziel, in the Havat Gilad stabbing, said there is an ‘unbreakable bond’ between her and Miriam Ben Gal, whose husband, Itamar, was murdered on Monday near Ariel.

Itamar and Miriam Ben Gal

Itamar and Miriam Ben Gal Photo courtesy of the Ben Gal family

Yael Shevach, the widow of Rabbi Raziel Shevach who was murdered last month in the Havat Gilad terror attack, met on Tuesday with Miriam Ben Gal, whose husband, Itamar, was murdered on Monday in a similar attack near Ariel.

The two women met shortly after Ben Gal’s funeral. “We found many similarities, not just with how they died, but also with how they lived,” said Shevach. “They both observed the Torah, they were both educators, they both loved the Land of Israel like nobody else, they both loved the people of Israel very much. To me, it was enough to feel this is a bond that will never be broken.”

Hundreds of friends, family members and local residents attended Itamar Ben Gal’s funeral on Tuesday morning in the settlement of Har Brakha. His father, Daniel, promised to take good care of his orphaned grandchildren.

“We recieved a wonderful gift 30 years ago, and today we are giving it back with great sorrow,” Daniel said over his son’s grave. “We have no idea how we are supposed to carry on without you, without your smile, without your always-happy face. You’ve done so much, but you never stopped wanting to develop further. The enjoyment that you had from educating the next generation of Israel made your face light up.”