Last summer, Bennett presented his ministry’s national program to increase excellence in math studies.

Photo credit: Flash 90/Channel 2 News

Sources close to Education Minister Naftali Bennett have revealed that the ministry is planning a major reform in the English studies program for elementary schools starting next year. Under this reform, the English curriculum is expected to be significantly modified and the subject may also be introduced to children in a much earlier age.

According to these sources, English classes in schools will include less reading comprehension exercises and will instead focus more on practical spoken English, in order to better prepare students for being part of a global market. Students will need to practice giving presentations in English in front of an audience, as well as verbal conversations and emailing.

The Ministry of Education said in response, “The English subject is being examined and debated in the ministry as part of the preparations for the next schoolyear. If and when a program is formulated, we will publish it formally.”