Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s meetings in Davos with world leaders will mainly deal with the Iran Nuclear Deal as he attempts to convince European leaders to support the US in its demand to alter the agreement. Netanyahu is also expected to discuss the Israeli-Palestinian peace process with leaders and relay the message that nobody can replace the US as a mediator.

Photo Credit: GPO

Two days after US Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to Israel, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will meet with US President Donald Trump on Thursday at the World Economic Forum in Davos. The main subject of their meeting will be Iran and Trump’s threat to reject the Iran Nuclear Deal if substantial changes are not implemented. Analysts believe that if the US does not withdraw from the deal and Europe faces the choice to either conduct business with Iran or with the US, Europe will choose the US.

Netanyahu is also expected to discuss the Israeli-Palestinian peace process during his meetings and emphasize to European leaders that the US is the best option for mediating negotiations. During his meeting with Macron, Netanyahu will likely implore him not to launch a peace process on his own with the Palestinians.

Netanyahu already met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday and is set to meet with several other world leaders, including French President Emmanuel Macron. During these meetings, Netanyahu will attempt to convince the world leaders to take Trump’s threat seriously so that they will make changes to the deal with the remaining time before Trump’s deadline to resign on the agreement. Jerusalem believes that Europe will keep the current nuclear deal, the US will withdraw from it and impose new sanctions on Iran.

As reported earlier on Wednesday by JOL, Netanyahu and Merkel met in Davos in order to discuss the Iran Nuclear Deal. Netanyahu implored Merkel to implement substantial alterations to the agreement, while Merkel stated that she understands Israel’s concerns regarding this issue