According to reports from the US, the Golden State Warriors’ players, who just won the NBA Finals, unanimously decided to boycott the traditional visit to the White House commemorating their championship. In so doing, the players join several of the New England Patriots’ players, who declined their visit with US President Donald Trump following their Super Bowl win.

The Warriors with their championship trophy

The Warriors with their championship trophy Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Media outlets within the US are reporting today (Tuesday) that the 2017 NBA Finals champions, the Golden State Warriors, unanimously decided to boycott their visit in honor of their championship with US President Donald Trump. However, none of the team’s staff has officially confirmed the reports.

The last time the NBA team won the title in 2015, the players went to the White House for the traditional visit with former US President Barack Obama. Last year, the 2016 NBA Finals champions, the Cleveland Cavaliers, also attended their White House visit with Obama.

By boycotting their visit, the Warriors join the most recent Super Bowl champions, the New England Patriots, who also declined to visit Trump. However, many of the Patriots’ team members along with the coach and owners, who are close with Trump, went to the White House visit.