Prof. Eli Waxman, chairman of the committee advising the government on the pandemic, believes Israel is not ready to handle a second coronavirus wave.

His reason for concern is primarily the lack of a mechanism for epidemiological testing and for identifying contacts with carriers of the virus. “There are no critical tools that should allow us to safely manage the epidemic and prevent new outbreaks,” he told Kan Bet radio.

Meanwhile, Minister of Intelligence Eli Cohen is warning Israel to brace for a second wave of coronavirus infections and sporadic outbreaks as well, reports Yediot Aharonot.

“Preparation for a second wave of coronavirus, or for localized outbreaks, is inevitable until a vaccine is found,” Cohen said as quoted by the Hebrew paper. “Preparing in the best way possible and implementing recommendations will ensure that we minimize the economic damage to the market and ensure our ability to manage a routine in the shadow of coronavirus,” he said.

Even if a vaccine is found soon, it would not be administered to everyone until the middle or end of 2022, he added.