A few days after official confirmation was received that Israel’s housing prices continue to rise, a new survey revealed that one third of the students in Israel are considering leaving the country only because of the high housing prices.

Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

36% of the students are considering leaving the country according to a new survey conducted by the housing and real estate wing of the Israel Students Association. According to them, the main reason is the increase in housing prices.

Despite the promises and great efforts done by Israeli Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon to solve the housing crises, the price of housing has doubled since he took office. The survey published by the Association of Israeli Students should concern the Finance Minister.

According to the student survey, 53% of the respondents don’t believe in the government’s efforts to bring down the housing prices. 2 out of 3 students in Israel do not believe that the settling prices will bring down the real estate prices.

But additional data revealed by the survey should be especially troubling.  One third of Israeli students are in despair and are considering leaving Israel also because of the shortage in housing. “This is not necessarily a housing crisis,” Assaf Engel, the CEO of Academic House, stated. “This is a social crisis.”

However, the Finance Ministry is not impressed by the survey. According to them, the government knows what it is doing regarding the housing crisis: “The country has increased the supply of apartments, increased the inventory planning and is working in order to distance market investments.  All of these developments in the end will bring down the housing prices.”