After foiling an attempt to infiltrate into Israel and a heavy barrage of rockets were fired at Central Israel, the official humanitarian ceasefire began at the request of the UN between Hamas and Israel. The ceasefire is expected to last five hours. Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories: “If there will be rocket fire, Israel will continue to attack.”

Ceasefire for five hours

Ceasefire for five hours Photo Credit: Reuters

After a barrage of rockets was fired at Israel and a terrorist attempted to infiltrate into a kibbutz, at 10:00am this morning, a humanitarian ceasefire started between Hamas and Israel, at the request of the UN.  It will last until 3:00pm.

Just before the ceasefire began, Hamas coordinated an attack against Israel. At around 4:00am, the IDF identified 13 terrorists trying to leave a tunnel near a kibbutz. The IDF fired at them. Some of them were killed and others fled to the Gaza Strip. There were no causalities among the troops.

Several hours later, a barrage of rockets was fired at Ashkelon, Central Israel and the Sharon region. Four rockets fired from Gaza into Be’ersheva landed in open areas. There were no causalities.