Rain falls throughout Israel. Tomorrow rain is also expected.

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Particularly wintry weather today (Saturday) in large parts of Israel ,and Mount Hermon even had 10 cm of snow, something not seen a lot, especially if it is the middle of April. Now access roads to Mount Hermon are blocked, and the site will remain close to visitors today. 

Yesterday (Friday) about 40,000 people came out to nature reserves and parks, in all parts of the country (Israel). 15,000 Israelis visited The Sea of Galilee. These visitors left 250 tons of garbage in the Kinneret.

On Thursday the weather was also colder than usual for the season, as strong winds blew throughout the day and weather conditions became hazy. 

100,000 Israelis traveled during the holiday and visited Israel’s Nature and Parks Authority sites throughout the country such as the Banias Nature Reserve and Masada. 

Yet, it should be noted that not all Israelis can travel during the holidays. Some 70 people demonstrated on Thursday in front of the home of Minister of Transportation Yisrael Katz, protesting his statement that he does not support making public transport available on Saturdays and weekends. The demonstrators carried placards like, “Katz, you can visit your family on Saturdays, what about us?”, “End the curfew” and “Family holiday dinners: Exclusively for private car owners?”